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Missha - Airy fit sheet mask

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  • Missha - Airy fit sheet mask

These sheets masks are made with rice fiber what makes the eco-friendly and super light, They also come in a huge variety targeting specific skin concerns

tip: put them in the fridge or use an ice cold roller to spread it. Use it after washing your face day/night and do not rinse after.

note: No not leave on more than 20 min. If you have sensitive skin do not leave on more than 10-15 min.

Suitable for all skin types

-Aloe: Hydrating/ sun damage / skin barrier
-Cucumber: Puffiness/ soothes irritation/Hydrating
-Green tea: Antioxidant/ anti-inflammatory/fights acne
-Honey: deep hydration / anti-aging/anti-bacterial
-Lemon: Shrinks large pores/ fights acne/ controls oiliness
-Pearl: brightens skin/ evens skin tone/ protects skin against free radicals
-Pomegranate: Anti-aging/ removes toxins/ nourishment
-Potato: soothes sensitive skin/ reduces redness/ anti-aging
-Red Ginseng: Boost skin health/ anti-aging/ hydration
-Rice: gentle exfoliating/ anti-aging/ brightens skin
-Shea butter: Deep hydration/ anti-inflammatory/ smooths skin texture