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Missha - Pure source pocket pack

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  • Missha - Pure source pocket pack

These skin treatments are perfect for newbies in skincare, mostly of them are sleeping packs that last up 8 applications each! Perfect complement for your skincare routine.

How to apply: after your are done with your night beauty routine, take the desire amount and apply on your face. , the magic happens while sleeping. Rinse in the morning with lukewarm or cold water and proceed with your morning routine. Can be used daily.

-Aloe: Hydrating/ sun damage / skin barrier
-Green tea: Antioxidant/ anti-inflammatory/fights acne
-Honey: Moisturises the skin deeply/ anti-aging/anti-bacterial
-Lemon: Shrinks large pores/ fights acne/ controls oiliness
-Pearl: brightens skin/ evens skin tone/ protects skin against free radicals
-Rice: gentle exfoliating/ anti-aging/ brightens skin
-Shea butter: Deep hydration/ anti-inflammatory/ smooths skin texture

Note : If you decide to get the pack x6 please type the desire assortment on the 'additional notes' box at the checkout (Ex: 2 Aloe, 3 pearl , 1 Rice)